Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Step Away

Wedding is another part of life.
Another step.
Another level.
Another type of life.
Another commitment.
Another voyage of life.

Have you ever wonder?
Have you ever fantasize?
How it is like when you are just a step away from this life?

A love life born through the sparks of two dove,
Decides to tie the knot.
Unexperienced and curious as I always do,
I questioned; How do you feel when you are just a step away?
My friend told me; It is indescribable feeling.
Under the seas of thousands of words floating, none suits the description of how she felt.
All she knows is, her life will change.
Is another Voyage of Life!

Bon Voyage to your single life, Munirah!
Welcome on Board to Marriage Life!
Happy Marriage!