Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holly Water


Yes! Believe it or not!
Unlike Malaysia, the water in Rome can be drink.
But of course, please do not drink the water from fountain or the drain.
How to identify whether the water can be drink?

1) See the environment
2)See if there is local filling it into their water container
3)Worst come to worst, fill it up and try it if it taste 'unique'.

Hence, why spend on 1 EURO (max) to purchase a bottle of mineral.
And when you purchase one, they will ask you:
"Which one would you like? The one with the gas or without?
Feeling weird, I purchased one with gas. Curiosity makes me spend most of the time. And it taste like isotonic drink but without the taste of sweetness. Well, there it goes my 60 cent.

Anyway, this pic is the flow of water that I have drank to quench my thirst, and I call it


I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone...
I know I have been promised some of you that I will be writing places that I went around Europe and UK. Well, this has changed as my time are totally taken up by the assignments that comes non-stop.

However, I really have a wonderful time and trust me, if you are like me...
Hungry to learn about other cultures and things, one visit is never enough.
However, since today, my project with Double Vision has just ended,
I got one week to give you as much as I can.

Here you go...
Showing you what I've seen through the lens from See Wei's D1000 and my KODAK digital cam. I have taken thousands. Walking around Europe with my bag, i brought my gadget everywhere I go.
But at this moment, I'm going to show you some through what my friends; Trini, Cheryl, and Stephy has taken. My lappie has been working too much and now I can't use it. It has paralyzed the process of editing and uploading. So please bear with some of it...

Here we go....