Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just the warm up...

Some may have been here to visit and wonder why is it empty still.
On 29th of May, I've touched down at Liverpool at 7.30am (local time here).
However, things has come into mess once we board on the bus.
Worst thing is that I can't get the access to internet.
Hundreds of pictures have been taken.
After so long, at last the wait has come to the end yesterday.
However, I still gotta keep you all waiting before I can post those pictures.
I have not filtered those pictures yet.

Currently, while I'm putting my reasons here, I am half way through doing my proposal which I need to hand in to Eve (my research supervisor). Hence, I gotta stop crapping around here.
My promise, by this end of weekend, I'll tell you the dramatic stuff that I have gone through here once we touched down and set our foot to Atlantic Point (my hostel name).

To be continued...